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Eating our way to a better world

Hi everybody! Welcome to our first blog post - a little introduction to Vegan Vend and what the business is about.

My name is Remi and I set up Vegan Vend at the very beginning of 2019. My aim was to create what I wished existed - a vending machine containing vegan food only! I thought with the amount of vending machines you see around, why aren't there ones that accommodate for vegans - after all if you can't check the ingredients before you buy, it's virtually impossible if your diet is plant based (unless you are familiar with a particular product already)!

The reason I wanted to create this business was to help make vegan food more accessible and help towards normalising it, as at the time and still now there is a stigma attached to veganism, which desperately needs to be broken down. Vegans are often viewed as extreme and also 'preachy', which I think comes from a place of passion that vegans carry about animals and the planet we live on. But people are generally becoming slowly but surely more understanding and more conscious about both the way animals are treated and the negative affects that humans have every day on the planet. If we can make changes in our lives that can have a positive affect in some way on the world, then it seems fair to say we should try and do what we can. We can't change the world just by going vegan, but we can certainly make a difference. We are not just a drop in the ocean, we are the ocean in a drop. I don't know where I heard that saying but it seemed fitting as I was typing this!

After the first Vegan Vend machine was bought and placed at The Island in Bristol following a successful crowdfunding campaign for it, we continued to get more vending machines, most of which reside at UWE. Each machine is adorned with an eye-catching design, created by various local artists and each machine also has a name selected by the public.

We are looking forward to growing the business and getting things back to where they were prior to the pandemic and also expanding Vegan Vend. This blog will be used to talk about Vegan Vend, vegan product reviews, recipes and general vegan news! As a vegan and planet conscious business we here at Vegan Vend will always strive to have the best quality vegan food/snacks to offer you and take pride in working towards a better planet.

Watch this space for more vegan content coming soon!


Vegan Vend

'Eating our way to a better world'


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